Eirian Lewis
Eirian Lewis



We are very lucky to have met Eirian. He is a wonderful teacher and makes the guitar lessons truly musical 
Thanks to Eirian, who is a true professional, my son now has a great interest in guitar and can play it nicely!
He gives his all in every lesson, encouraging his pupils to do the same
Eirian is a great person, my kids love him. He is always enthusiastic, very positive and teaches the guitar very well
Eirian is amazing with children and knows exactly how to get them engaged and to give their best
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Eirian has been teaching the guitar privately in London for the past 3 years. He believes that there must always be a good rapport between pupil and teacher, and a balance between the passing of information and the drawing of knowledge from the student. He mainly specialises in classical guitar but is also comfortable teaching elementary finger-style, jazz and rock.

  Being based in Notting Hill, Eirian tends not to travel further than zone 1. Below are his CV, DBS Form and price list which can all be downloaded.

If you are interested in applying for guitar lessons, please visit the contact page on the top left hand side of the tool bar. Provide your address, who intends to have lessons, for how long and what level/style of playing the student plans on doing (if any).

As places are limited, Eirian is always happy to put you on a waiting list if your application is unsuccessful.


He wishes you all the very best!